Aiscs Netburner ballistic FF 3 Denim Blue/Waterscape [1051A073-404]

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The NETBURNER BALLISTIC™ FF MT 3 court shoe is engineered to provide exceptional support and agility, ensuring that athletes can maintain their focus on the game. With a design optimized for quick starts and swift movements, these shoes incorporate innovative technologies to enhance performance on the court.

The 3D SPACE CONSTRUCTION™ feature, combined with X GUIDANCE™ technology, works together to boost flexibility, allowing for dynamic and fluid movements essential in fast-paced sports like basketball or volleyball. This blend of technologies enables athletes to maneuver swiftly and efficiently across the court, ensuring they can react swiftly to changing game situations.

Furthermore, the TWISTRUSS™ technology integrated into the outsole of the shoe enhances stability during pivotal moments such as twists and turns. By providing reliable support during rapid changes in direction, this technology enables athletes to maintain their momentum and agility, ensuring they can execute precise movements without compromising balance or control.