VOLCANO Electric Ball Pump

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Fast Ball Pump, Free your hands and save your energy! *Automatic Electric Ball Pump: Electric Ball Pump designs with intelligent pressure detection and stop function,just preset the correct ball PSI,press to start and it will automatically stop inflating once the preset pressure is reached. Smart and easy to use. *Accurate Pressure Alignment: Built-in Digital Pressure Gauge and LCD Display, you can preset a very accurate PSI to inflate your ball ,and then you could get an accurate level of pressure (PSI) in balls. Makes inflating balls much easier without wasting time. Material: ABS material Input:DC5V/1A Air pressure: 12PS1(MAX) Size: 6.1*1.57 inch *High-capacity Battery: Electric ball pump with 2000mAh lithium battery. Weight: 255g, fit to in your bag, your boot or even your pocket. Allows you to take this mini pump to wherever you might need it. With bright LED lights and backlight LCD display make it convenient to use the ball pump at night or in dark places.