IAM Face Mask


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Descriptions of IAM Face Mask:

  • Double-layered Polyester fabric mask.

  • Water resistant. 

  • Fungal/bacterial-resistant coating prevents accumulation of pathogens from repeated use. 

  • Mask is shaped to provide a perfect fit. Breathable fabric offers additional comfort to long usage in comparison to disposable masks.

  • Washable and reusable. Hand wash with mild soap and allow to dry.

  • Optional insert allow a variety of filters to enhance performance of mask.

  • Note: This is not a surgical mask.

  • These masks are perfect for wearing indoors or outdoors because of their elegant and fashionable specific design which includes a soft inner lining that wraps around your face. Sample products include: Carrying Bag, Baseball Cap, Umbrella, Necklace Lanyard Cell Phone Holder.